Noah the Movie Review

Noah Movie PosterMy wife and I went to go see the Noah movie last night not really knowing what to expect, but having heard a lot of bad press from Christian sources. The movie turned out to be worse than we had imagined.

That is not to say that there were not good things in the movie. But before I list some of the good and some of the bad, I must warn you that I’m not holding back from spoiling your movie going experience. So if you are bent on seeing it and don’t want to be surprised, then wait to read the rest until you do. Then tell me if you agree.


A few things I really enjoyed, some of which I was not expecting:

1) The flood itself was portrayed biblically to a surprising degree. Though it was not directly stated, the imagery seemed to convey that the flood covered the entire earth and not a spec of land was left above water. I wonder if this would have been the case had Christians made the movie. These days you hear a lot of people talk about a “local” flood and such, which is Read more ›

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Foolishness to the Greeks

foolishnessAlthough Lesslie Newbigin’s book, Foolishness to the Greeks, was first published back in 1986, it is as relevant today as the day it was penned.  A short book, clocking in at 150 pages, it packs an insightful and challenging punch like few books today.

The biggest idea in Foolishness to the Greeks revolves around the concept of the Gospel’s relevance to modern Western culture.  The author spent most of his life as a missionary in India, and upon his return, was struck by the need for “translation” of the Gospel for a Western audience.  Having spent years on the mission field myself, I am very familiar with the concept of attempting to explain the Gospel in ways that can be understood by a foreign culture which does not have a Judeo-Christian background, but I had never considered whether the same type of work would need to be done to explain the gospel to modern Americans or Europeans.

This is a revelation of primary importance!  Consider the obvious decline of the Church in the West in comparison Read more ›

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Led by God to Austin

thuresonsIn February of 2013 our audacious journey to Austin, Texas began.

It began last summer. We were at a homeschooling convention and one of our favorite speakers, Dr. Voddie Baucham talked about the importance of having a Dad present in the home. He talked about considering changing your lifestyle if you are not able to do that. As it was, Erik worked late nights and felt compelled to change his career if need be in order to be home more with the kids. One way to accomplish that would be to live in an affordable city. Obviously, Austin had been on our radar and we wanted to see it for ourselves. We went with our good friends, The Hagadorn’s to check it out. We enjoyed the trip and we could definitely see ourselves living there but felt like God hadn’t made it really clear yet. We continued to pray and asked God to open every door we needed to walk through and shut every door he didn’t want us to walk through.

Erik’s contract with the NFL ended in December of 2012 and he continued to pursue work in LA. He would get close to getting a job and at the last minute, he wouldn’t get it. God kept closing doors Read more ›

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Why is the Bible Difficult?

whybibledifficult.jpgMany people find the Bible difficult to understand.  This cannot be denied by those acquainted with the facts. Testimonies to the difficulties encountered in understanding the Bible are too widespread to be dismissed lightly.

There are numerous reasons why the Bible is difficult to understand.  No snap answer can be given, and for this reason the effort to find a single solution to the problem will be disappointing.

In spite of this, I venture to give a short answer to the question, although it is not the whole answer.  I believe that we find the Bible difficult because we try to read it as we would read any other book, and that is not the case.
Read more ›

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Faith in Prometheus

Prometheus Movie PosterPrometheus is an exciting 2012 science fiction film from Ridley Scott which has drawn mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie, taking place a few decades in the future, tells an entertaining story about the search for humanity’s origins. In the story, a few scientists discover what they consider an invitation to a distant galaxy, and somehow get a trillion-dollar scientific expedition funded to travel there in order to find our “creators.” Their adventures once they get there are none of my concern in this short review; I want to focus on the two philosophical arguments being pushed by this film.

Ancient Astronauts

The premise of the film is that we, humans, were created by aliens who visited our planet thousands of years ago. For many in the audience, this might seem like an interesting idea for a movie, but completely unrelated to reality. Actually, this is not an idea that came out of the mind of the movie writers, but rather a premise that is currently being thrown around in scientific circles. As our understanding of the universe increases, we are more and more convinced by the evidence that spontaneous generation of life on earth is mathematically and logically impossible. Darwinian Evolution has never been able to answer the questions of origins, and this is becoming more and more apparent as our understanding of the building blocks of life grows. The question always comes back to: How did it all start?

Darwin tells us that everything evolved from the first life, but even those who accept his theory still must answer the question Read more ›

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Created To Need A Help Meet – Book Review

CreatedtoNEEDaHelpmeetIn a follow-up to the hard-hitting Created to Be A Help Meet by Debbi Pearl, her husband Michael Pearl penned a long-anticipated book for husbands.  Many women, having read the book for women have asked, often in desperation, for a matching book for their husbands.  And now it is finally here.  Hopefully.

Having never read the book for women, my review will be focused on this book only and will not compare it to the original, which, as far as impact and results in our marriages, is viewed in very high regard in my circles.

Created to Need A Help Meet is an easy read; you will probably finish it in a few days.  It is actually the most entertaining book for husbands I have ever read, but that isn’t saying a lot, this type of book is usually very dry.

As any book, Created has good and bad.  On the positive side, the book has wonderful tips for husbands, some hard-hitting words for those husbands among us who need it, and some great humor.  You’ll be sharing quips from this book for a long time.  A few negatives Read more ›

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The Life of Pi – An Atheist Parable?

Life of Pi“And so it goes with God.”

My wife and I experienced The Life of Pi in 3D the other night.  We were both delighted with the visual experience and fanciful story.  It is truly a wonderful movie in many ways.  The story was simple and captivating, and the acting was very believable.  However, the really outstanding part of this movie was the visuals, which I don’t believe I have ever seen the equal to in a movie of this type.

The thing that interested me more than anything about this movie was the talk of it being spiritual, and in some sense proving the existence of God.  Back in 2010, President Obama wrote Yann Martel, the author of the book: “My daughter and I just finished reading Life of Pi together. Both of us agreed we prefer the story with animals. It is a lovely book — an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling. Thank you.”

So what is this “proof of God” that Obama mentioned?  Well, I’ll tell you what I saw Read more ›

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Confronting the Teachings of Islam

Islam is a religio-political doctrine, thus the policies of the State are only half of the intellectual arsenal needed to address its cold war with the West. For our civil society to survive the advance of Islam, we must confront it head on to block its efforts to subjugate all forms of government to Shariah law and to destroy all other forms of faith. We must use both political and religious strategies to successfully defeat Islamic supremacism.

In the domain of politics, there exists an unfortunate failure of imagination by our government elite to confront Islam ideologically. There are a few brave Western politicians who have acknowledged the fundamental threat posed by political Islam, but the large body of our elected officials has, to its discredit, refused to accept the fact that Islam’s codified doctrines promote an incessant march toward world hegemony.
In a similar manner, it is tragic that the Christian Church has neither fully recognized nor embraced its role as the spiritual defender of Western Civilization. In many ways the Church has actually aided and abetted our enemies through its unwillingness to stand up for its own values in the name of the dubiously noble ideals of diversity, tolerance, and inter-faith dialogue. Now is the time for the Christian Church to stop its dance with the devil, and she must Read more ›
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